YR Beard Hydrating Oil

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This castor oil blend is just what you need to grow a thick and full beard.

Directions: Apply daily and brush. Works best with boar bristle brushes and massage. 

Alternative Uses:

Moisturize eyebrows, mustache and hair line.



Skin: Softens, Aids in healing & the fading of dark spots, 

Beard: Conditions hair, stengthens and nourishes hair follicles to keep beards full and shed free. 


This oil is concentrated so you don't need to use much to feel the difference in the strength and suppleness of your beard hair and the skin around it. 

Scent: Fresh New Day

Size: 1oz Lasts 1 month (compact, sanitary)

Available on monthly subscription for 15% off 


Product History:

Formulation: 2019

Test Period: 8 months

Test Results: Caused beard hairs to soften and skin to seem softer and moist. 

Current Testing :

On alopecia (bald spots) in beard and head crown area.

If you would like to be a part of our testing send your before and after with explanation in a video to yonnithompson@gmail.com (google drive) We may air it on our social platforms and help you get a few more followers.